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Students discuss justice in the city

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Students build the "just" city © Ben Davy​/​ TU Dortmund University
Students build the "just" city

Bachelor seminar on scales of spatial justice

During the four-day seminar, 25 bachelor students under the direction of Prof. Thomas Hartmann and Prof. Benjamin Davy were able to learn about different conceptions of justice. After negotiating in the consensus conference ZUGGUR on dealing with climate risks in the Ruhr region in a just way, the students applied their knowledge directly. Different conceptions of justice were vividly translated into urban morphology by building fictitious cities. The seminar was concluded with an excursion to the city centre of Dortmund to identify injustices in the built city. In now following term paper, the students will apply what they have learned to the example of Dortmund's Kampstraße. We wish them great success and are looking forward to the results!